Geothermal Solutions

Affordable Geothermal Solutions
Maximize the comfort zones of your home while achieving an accelerated return on a secure investment in green, renewable free energy from our earth.  
We specialize in design and installation of closed loop heat exchange loops for geothermal systems providing heating, air conditioning, and climate control.  We take pride in giving our customers an economically feasible energy solution with a short payback period. Our customer solutions are customized on your specific site needs to ensure satisfaction and performance rather than limiting ourselves to a single equipment brand. 
Affordable Geothermal Solutions specializes in closed loop systems.  Not sure what Geothermal can do for you?  Click on  Climatemaster link or graphic overview for great overview of what Geothermal can do for you whether you choose this system or another manufacturer.
Geothermal benefits:

            -You control investment return--not reliant on fossil fuel and volitale prices

  -Tax refunds of 30% making new investment highly attractive and competitive with conventional HVAC.

            -Operating costs are typically one half($) of even high eff. HVAC

            -Systems life spans of 30 years is typical

            -Manufactures warranties are at least 10 years on equipment.

            -Healthy house with Geothermal--no combustion to poison your home with carbon dioxide/carbon monoxide.

            -Smooth and quite operation with diagnostic capability.

            -Added resale value to your home.